Rebecca Wilson

Making an Impact in Her Hometown


Rebecca Wilson believes in giving back to her community. She takes time to work with the homeless and is also involved in a movement to bring more supermarkets and higher-quality food into the inner city. In addition, Rebecca participates in efforts to make health care available to all.

“I am genuinely interested in bettering my community. It can be hard work but it is work that I am honored to be a part of.”

This high achiever has been a member of the University’s Spanish Club, La Mezcla, and also participates in the foreign language literature festival.

She is currently interning at LA SED Youth Center in southwest Detroit, where she teaches English as a second language to adults and mentors young people in after-school programs.

“Being part of a community has changed my life for the helping others I am thanking those who gave so much to help me.”

Rebecca has truly made a difference in her hometown of Detroit.