Reem Satti

2012 The Globetrotter


Reem Satti is somewhat of a globetrotter.

Whereas many students remain on one continent their entire lives, Reem has visited, lived and studied on four–Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

“(It) has enabled me to explore, understand and interact with different cultures and various ethnic groups,” the University of Michigan-Dearborn student said.

Reem utilizes the skills she learned from her overseas travels to better communicate with UM-Dearborn’s inclusive campus community.

“Whether it was overcoming communication barriers, while assisting students in the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program or simply reaching out to students from different cultures, the belief that I could make a difference made me a difference maker,” she said.

Her peers took notice and helped her land a spot on this year’s list of “Difference Makers.”

Through SI, Reem helps her fellow classmates by comparing their class notes, discussing assigned readings, practicing problem solving, developing organizational tools and predicting test items.

“The main purpose of this program is to improve students’ grades and increase student graduation rates,” she said.

Her impact not only is being felt on UM-Dearborn’s campus. Reem has completed at least 300 hours of community service through her role as a Jumpstart Corps Member, where she inspires young children to learn, serve in a local community, work on a team and build professional skills.

“I was enthusiastic about the position and I approached every day with my partner child as an opportunity for him to learn and grow,” she said. “By making it my goal to make a difference in his life, I found myself closer and closer to meeting and succeeding that goal.”

Reem’s passion for community service began at a young age. Her inspiration stems from the poverty she witnessed while living in Africa.

“When Ms. Satti moved from Sudan to the U.S. in 2002, her goal was to make a difference in the world,” said Marie Waung, associate professor of psychology. “It is my belief that Reem Satti will continue to make a difference in her local community and in the larger world.”