Rima Rida

2014 The Future Physician


When Rima Rida arrived on campus, there was no semblance of the American Red Cross.

During her freshman year at University of Michigan-Dearborn, Rima decided to change that, so she restarted the once-inactive American Red Cross organization.

She restarted the once-inactive American Red Cross organization on campus and increased its membership in a few short years.

“In starting this organization my freshman year, I was able to build it in a manner that was inclusive and philanthropic to all,” she said. “By increasing the membership exponentially and reaching out to all demographics of students, I was able to turn American Red Cross into an organization that has become very well known and reliable on campus. In building this organization’s presence on campus, I always had the mindset of moving forward and was continually focused on fostering the younger incoming students in order to build their leadership skills to hopefully one day become the future leaders of organizations, like the American Red Cross.”

Rima’s leadership ability is apparent, and it helped her earn a spot on this year’s list of “Difference Makers.”

Rima has devoted countless hours to the American Red Cross, but her impact also is felt through Student Government. She joined Student Government during her freshman year and has continuously moved up the ranks.

During her busy schedule, Rima somehow finds time to serve on the Student Philanthropy Council and volunteer at Oakwood Hospital and Heartland Health Care Center.

“These experiences have really helped me realize my passion for helping others and motivated me even more to continue pursuing the medical field,” she said. “I truly have always put others before myself and aspired to building people up to being the best individuals they possibly can be.”

Jason Davis has witnessed Rima grow from an ambitious freshman to a proven student leader over the past couple years.

“I am amazed by her energy and commitment to advancing the university and community,” said Davis, assistant director of alumni relations. “If you look at her involvement, everything she does has a direct impact on her community.”