Robert Brown

The Voice


Rob Brown has found his voice.

A singer and educator, Rob knows his passions and understands how to use those passions to help others.

“As an educator, I feel that making a difference is simply what I was born to do,” he said. “Positively impacting the lives of today’s youth is a way for us to truly solidify a great future for our world. There is a huge need for people who really care about young people, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to push children to improve upon their passions.”

Rob especially has a desire to help young boys in Detroit overcome personal obstacles. His dream job includes teaching young people that they can reach for the stars and be someone special.

On campus, Rob has used his love of music to connect with the UM-Dearborn community. He founded Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir because he had seen the impact that music can have.

“I understand the influence that music can have on people. Music is something that stirs the soul of the listener,” he said.

Looking to life after graduation, Rob will continue to try to make a difference through his passions, music and education. Those on campus think he will have little trouble touching the lives of others.

“As an aspiring teacher, a confident and composed gentleman and a person of great character, Rob really demonstrates UM-Dearborn excellence,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director of student activities. “He is an excellent example of how one person can really make a difference.”