Sandra Jaward

Leading with Action


Participating in the University Honors Program was one of Sandra's greatest experiences at the university. Sandra believes this experience helped refine her critical thinking and writing skills. She also believes it inspired her to concentrate her studies in the area of humanities as well as to join a wide variety of student organizations on campus.

Sandra demonstrates strong leadership through her actions and words, having been an active member of the student-activities office program Blueprints Leadership Program - a comprehensive, year-long program that helps students refine leadership skills, understand the context of leadership through leadership theory education, and become agents of positive social change.

She credits Amy Karaban, assistant director of the Student Activities Office, for helping her understand the different components of leadership and encouraging her to apply those skills in organizational and professional settings. “Her guidance and enthusiasm about leadership was so motivating that I was inspired to become more active with volunteering in Detroit,” she says.

Her academic drive is just as strong. Sandra received the John Dempsey Political Science Scholarship in recognition of her experiences in non-profit organizations and her coursework while pursuing a political science degree. She’s also a Nancy J. Foran Accounting Scholarship recipient, which honors tax-accounting students.

After an internship with Clayton and Mckervey, Sandra will begin her public accounting career at Deloitte.


"Participating in Alternative Spring Break was an experience that I am proud of and will always remember. Its important for students to have learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Volunteering at Heifer International was personally rewarding because I was able to learn so much about global poverty and hunger and how Heifer operates in donating sustainable gifts while creating lasting friendships with other student volunteers."