Sarah Bazzetta

Making an Impact


Sarah Bazzetta is committed to making an impact. A passionate advocate for global human rights and social justice, Sarah's been the campus’s president of Students for Social Responsibility, a member of Women in Learning and Leadership, and has organized a number of talks and events on campus. Off campus, she makes an impact through her work with numerous local non-profits committed to human rights and social justice. She was also accepted to present a paper on the prison system at Idaho University’s “The Art of Gender in Everyday Life” conference.

Sarah plans to pursue a graduate degree in social work “and turn her passions into practice to better people’s lives in Metro Detroit,” says Suzanne Bergeron, director, women’s and gender studies at UM-Dearborn.

“In my studies I am exposed to fundamental flaws within our society and asked to reflect on and analyze these issues,” Sarah says. “Things such as racism, sexism, poverty and inequality install barriers for many individuals. With knowledge comes responsibility and because I know these issues exist, I feel it is my duty to work on changing them to ensure equality and justice for all individuals in our society.”