Sarah Corral

2014 A Healthy Change


Sarah Corral puts her heart into everything she touches.

“Sarah Corral is the quintessential nontraditional student at UM-Dearborn,” said Annette Sieg, of the Department of Natural Sciences. “She left a lucrative bank job to return to school as a full-time student at UM-Dearborn 1.5 years ago in order to finally pursue her real passion. Sarah wants to be a doctor.”

Sarah serves as the off-site and volunteer coordinator for Michigan Fit, the co-volunteer coordinator for Smiles Against Cancer and the President of Tau Sigma, a national honors society for transfer students. She was the recipient of a national scholarship from Tau Sigma, based on her academic achievement.

In the classroom, Sarah excels and is continuously in the top 10 percent of her class.

“Sarah is extraordinary in her ability to carry out everything she puts her mind to, all while sustaining an almost 4.0 GPA,” Sieg said.

For her hard work, Sarah will be recipient of the James G. Angell Scholar Award for achieving all A’s for two consecutive semesters, while taking at least 14 credit hours.

“In the 11 years I’ve been teaching university students in chemistry, I’ve met thousands of students,” said Alexander Poniatowski, an instructor in the Department of Natural Sciences. “Sarah stands out in my mind as someone with a powerful, positive impact on her classmates and instructors, and helps make the education experience better for everyone around her.”

Sarah’s plan is to utilize her academic skills and overall determination to become a physician.

“I plan to use the skills I receive in medical school to help underserved individuals in urban areas, while maintaining my own practice,” she said. “I also hope to one day assist children and young adults who struggle in school with no support or encouragement; my life has allowed me to strongly relate to their situation. I hope to help them achieve the goals and dreams of which they are capable.”