Sarah Lewis

2014 Making Headlines


Her story is the news.

Sarah Lewis’ work as editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper defines her career and success at UM-Dearborn. Her direction helped The Michigan Journal earn several awards.

“While holding this position, I have done my best to be a campus leader and use the newspaper as a voice for all students,” she said.

When she’s not working on the newspaper, Sarah is hard at work with philanthropic efforts as a part of her sorority, Phi Mu, and at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. As an intern in the hospital’s public relations and marketing department, she creates monthly newsletters promoting hospital events, staff and patients.

“My internship at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan has been so rewarding,” Sarah said. “It has truly made me even more avid in believing that every person deserves a voice.

“Sarah has been a valued and instrumental leader for The Michigan Journal,” said Tim Kiska, faculty adviser for The Michigan Journal. “It is not an easy job, but she has done it with remarkable skill and maturity.”

After graduation, Sarah wants to put the skills she has learned to good use.

“My dream job would be working in a public relations department for a nonprofit organization in Detroit that helps house, feed and clothe those in need,” Sarah said. “It is important to me to be able to make other people’s lives brighter, while never forgetting that every single voice is important and deserves to be heard.”