Sarwan Grewal

Spearheading Important Projects


Sarwan Grewal wants to do it all. He majored in History but is working toward a master’s degree in Urban Planning with a focus on sustainability. Eventually, Sarwan hopes to earn his doctorate degree and go on to become a teacher. Even before entering college, Sarwan’s desire to help people and change things for the better was apparent. He proudly served as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps.

Sarwan is no stranger to initiating and heading up important projects. He is not only a co-founder of the Urban Studies Club but was also its first President. He was a recipient of the first Sustainable Seeds Award for his innovative work on a recycling project for the university and assisted the director of the Urban and Regional Studies Program to further strengthen the organization. Sarwan has also held the position of Vice President on his local community’s Board of Representatives for five years running.