Shane Henson

The Rising Politician


For those who know him, it is no surprise that Shane Henson plans a career in politics.

The affable political scholar already has extensive experience in increasing political awareness and advocacy on campus and throughout the state. He holds a Senator position in Student Government and plays an active role in the University’s College Democrats chapter.

Through Student Government, Shane led an effort to rewrite the Student Government Constitution.

His role with College Democrats has led to leadership positions at the state level. This past March, he was elected president of Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), the governing board for all College Democrats chapters in Michigan. Previously, he served as programs director for the organization.

Shane gained additional practical experience through internships focused on legislative duties and lobbying. He worked with Congressman John D. Dingell and Butch Hollowell, former Michigan Automobile and Home Insurance Consumer Advocate.

Of his political interests, Shane said, “I think I could really do some good for people in government, and I would have a great time doing it too.”

A gifted scholar, Shane shines in the classroom too. He has been named to the Dean’s List each semester and named a James B. Angell Scholar for three consecutive terms of all A’s.

As Shane plans his career goals – law student, practicing lawyer, political candidate – many on campus already have complete faith in his future.

Said Kathleen Herr, director of the University Center, “A future public servant and political leader is what I see in Mr. Henson’s future.”