Stacey Stewart

2015 Educating the Next Generation


Always ask questions. Seek understanding. And have passion in your life.

Stacey Stewart, a 2015 graduate, says her professors and her family—especially her husband and five children—have taught her to live, and love, by those words.

Stacey, an American Muslim, said her higher education goal was more than to learn. It was to teach.

“I make a difference in my daughters’ lives by demonstrating that education is important and to never allow anyone to define you. I want to show my children that nothing will be handed to you; you must go after it and earn it yourself,” she said. “I would hope I also show my fellow students that even when the odds are stacked against you, determination trumps odds.”

With a goal to work as a physician assistant in pediatrics, Stacey has focused on volunteer efforts to improve the lives of youth through various organizations. She also involves her children in outreach efforts.

“Whether it is providing shoes to Haitian children so they can attend school or raising money for children living with cancer, I try to keep us consciously aware of our surroundings,” she said.

Ultimately, when her kids are grown, Stacey would like to work with Doctors Without Borders or Operation Smile.

“Children are born into the world without consent and are given certain opportunities to healthcare and education by chance of birthplace,” she said. “I hope to one day be part of providing all children with equal opportunities at a chance at life.”