Steven Akins

The Interdisciplinarian


Steven Akins is something of a polymath.

That is, according to one professor because of Steven’s interests that span the full range of the natural sciences.

“Steven is one of those rare students who understands that important scientific breakthroughs that are destined to have high impact on the lives of our citizens will occur at the boundaries of the traditional discipline,” said Donald Bord, professor and chair, natural sciences.

“He has taken maximum advantage of our department’s commitment to interdisciplinary education in the sciences to position himself to be a leader in contributing to those breakthroughs.”

Steven is pursuing a double major in physics and chemistry, with a minor in biology.

In addition to his impressive course load, Steven is arranging an independent research project and works as a student lab assistant in biology. He is president of Society of Physics Students and a member of Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, Biology Club and Biomedical Engineering Society.

Steven’s involvement across campus is not for personal accolades or acknowledgement. Rather, he sees opportunities to help others in areas that interest him.

“There is an absolute thrill about helping both staff and students on and off campus, whether it’s prepping labs for faculty members or offering free tutoring to other students,” he said.

As he prepares for life off campus, Steven plans to keep his options open. He would like to attend graduate school and earn doctoral degrees in more than one area of interest.