Suehaila Amen

Seeking Understanding


Suehaila Amen doesn’t spend too much time on campus.

Instead, her work takes her out into the community, where she works to promote understanding of Arab and Muslim Americans and provide opportunities for others.

It’s a role that has seen her sharing her message across the nation and around the globe.

Over the last 10 years, Suehaila has traveled across the country to speak with non-Arab/Muslim, Muslim and Arab American communities.

Her goal? Share insights into community organizing, coalition building and the American-Muslim experience.

“These are ideal opportunities to engage other communities in meaningful conversations post-9/11 in order to bridge the divide, increase awareness and promote understanding,” she said.

She’s been invited on multiple global public diplomacy trips with the Department of State to serve as an ambassador for the Muslim and Arab American community.

On these trips, she discusses counterterrorism and combating violent extremism strategies with global community leaders, government officials, and intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

In her work, Suehaila has witnessed change and advancements within the community.

“I am blessed to love what I do,” she said. “And I take great pride in the achievements of ethnic and religious minority communities as I understand their struggles to come to this nation, pursue the American dream and give their family the opportunities they never had in their homeland.”

On campus, Suehaila worked with administrators to host a forum for students with Riad Salamey and Raed Charafeddine, Central Bank of Lebanon governor and vice governor.

“Suehaila is a bundle of energy and optimism who is extremely committed to promoting communication among diverse groups in our society, as well as promoting social justice,” said Pamela Pennock, associate professor of history.

In all she does, her work isn’t motivated by personal accolades or recognition. Suehaila’s work is fueled by the desire to see others succeed.

“My motivating factor has always been the youth, and my only wish is to see the members of my community achieve their goals,” she said.