Susan Lowe

2016 Advocate for Nontraditional Students


Susan Lowe is a returning learner, but that has not stopped her from making a major impact on campus. From starting her own organization to leading an event promoting social justice, Susan embodies what it means to be a Difference Maker.

“Ms. Lowe has been a strong advocate for nontraditional students on campus by co-founding a student organization, ANTS (Association of Non-Traditional Students), dedicated to meeting the needs of this emerging population,” said Shareia Carter, staff member at the Women’s Resource Center. “Susan is a true collaborator and an awesome person to work with on events and programs. Susan is truly making a difference for the campus, community and nontraditional students.”

Susan’s goal is to create a positive campus environment for nontraditional students.

“I believe that working toward an enhanced recognition of nontraditional students at UM-Dearborn helps me make a difference on campus,” Susan said. “I've been working with students and university staff over the past year to create a welcoming atmosphere for students that do not fit the traditional model.”

When she’s not advocating for students, Susan is an active advocate for environmental issues and hopes to pursue a career in environmental law.

“I'd love to become an environmental attorney working to stop climate change,” Susan said. “I want to craft public policy to ensure that industrial polluters are held accountable for the environmental damage they are causing for humanity. I want to do this because it is something I’m passionate about.”