Taylorann Lenze

2015 An International Friend


As a student who majors in English and minors in German, you could say that Taylorann Lenze has a passion for language. She spends her time on campus leading group discussions in class, which break down and interpret literature, while also advocating for and helping international students become adjusted to foreign culture and language.

“Among the students who are making a difference on and off campus, Taylorann is a standout who embodies the university's mission of openness and commitment to diversity,” said Professor Liana McMillian. “Taylorann is preparing for a career in education, for which she shows not only focus and determination, but true passion. I can't think of a more important direction where she can make a difference in the future. Her wide-range of exceptional qualities make me confident she will succeed as an educator, or at any goal she sets.”

Taylorann sees herself as a lifelong learner and will continue that passion no matter where she heads after graduation. She has had countless opportunities to experience new people and cultures while at UM-Dearborn.

“I love to meet interesting people and learn about them,” Taylorann said. “I’m always curious about other people’s perspectives and want to figure out who they are. Some of my closest friends are international students and I’ve learned so much about the German and Chinese culture from them. I hope I impact for the better everyone with whom I come in contact.”

One of the more prolific experiences Taylorann had came when she stepped out of her comfort zone and traveled to China for a summer to teach English. She found that it was a personal journey that helped open her eyes to the world and helped her find something she was passionate about.

“Navigating a new culture and language was exhilarating and gave me a new confidence in myself and a deep love of travel and people,” she said. “I learned to laugh hard and often at my many mistakes. I learned what it’s like to be a foreigner, while falling in love with traveling. I don’t just want to be a tourist. I want to live abroad and really learn what life is like somewhere else. Coming home, I felt like anything was possible.”