Teri Bazzi-Oliver

In Search of Answers


Sometimes you find your questions only lead to more questions.

That’s what happened to Teri Bazzi-Oliver during the Worldviews Seminar.

“This class truly changed my life,” she said. “I went into the class with a lot of questions, expecting to find answers. But I learned that having more questions was a way to explore what I had been searching for.”

She used her seminar experience to bring together students from different religious backgrounds.

Teri participated in the Tectonic Leadership Program, which brought together Jewish and Muslim students for a weeklong leadership retreat, and the Blueprints Leadership Program, an in-depth exploration in social change.

This past fall, she worked with the Student Activities Office to develop a program to discuss the impact of the TV show All-American Muslim. The panel of speakers included faculty, students and show producer Mike Massalam.

Teri’s desire to make a difference stems in large part from her family.

“I have a passion and a drive that makes me want to do better not only for myself, but for my children,” she said.

Her family also has played a part in her most recent job. A mother of three, Teri began working with the Student Activities Office to help plan family programming.

But Amy Karaban, assistant director of student activities, said, “Maybe ‘help’ is the wrong wording because we really did nothing but watch as she deftly planned, executed and evaluated a series of programs aimed at our students, faculty and staff and their young families.”

She has led three family movie nights and helped plan a Dr. Seuss Night, during which children could explore poetry and art.

“Teri is, simply put, one of the most courageous and compassionate people I know,” Amy said. “She has made a huge impact in her community, and I know that she has so much more left to give.”