Tina Perkins

2014 A Triple Threat


Good things come in threes.

This is especially true for Tina Perkins. Not only does she triple major in psychology, anthropology and english, but she has performed in plays focusing on women at UM-Dearborn, including the Hijabi Monologues and the Vagina Monologues.

“All my off hours from work are dedicated to community service and raising funds for causes near and dear to my heart through my talent,” Tina said.

She is active in numerous organizations on campus, including the Association for Unity and Diversity, the Black Student Union, the Association of Non-Traditional Students, the Photography Club, and serves an ally of LGBTQ.

“I am especially impressed by Tina’s extensive contributions to the quality of life on our campus,” said Carolyn Kraus, professor of journalism and screen studies.

Tina is also an exception published author. Her piece “A Degree in Die-Hard Determination” provide a glimpse of her struggle to earn her first degree at Henry Ford Community College, while being a mother and caring for her own mother afflicted with mental illness.

“I was impressed by the article’s use of dialogue, flashbacks and telling detail,” said Carolyn Kraus. “I encouraged Tina to submit it to a literary journal, where it was published earlier this year.”

Tina’s goal is to pursue a career with a local nonprofit organization where she can enhance the lives of those who live and work in her community.

“I will work tirelessly to use all my creative talents and exemplary team building skills to come up with and put into action dynamic recovery solutions for communities in need,” she said.