Travis Greer

Exemplifying Youth Leadership


Travis Greer aspires to a career in government affairs, with a focus on reforming the K-12 public school system. It would be a natural next step for Travis, who has already shown a talent for inspiring and mobilizing his fellow students and community members.

Travis is the first student to be appointed to the Board of Education in Willow Run, where he attended school. He continues to mentor students within the district. He also finds time to advocate for issues he cares about (including car insurance reform in Michigan) and the Political Science Association at UM-Dearborn. While he was president of the club, he grew the membership significantly, spearheaded fundraisers and held campus events on current topics such as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

“Travis has a sense of humor, but also displays a maturity not always evident in students,” says Sheryl Edwards of social sciences, and sponsor of the Political Science Association. “He can handle disputes diplomatically, he can run a meeting without people losing interest or being put off, and he inspires his fellow students to do more and challenge themselves. This is a rare talent.”

During his time on campus, Travis had multiple internships, including with the Michigan Automobile and Home Insurance Consumer Advocate and in the office of the House Majority Floor Leader Kathy Angerer.


"I have gained an appreciation for the fact that life circumstances do not define an individual, but rather, one is greatly shaped in the process of overcoming them. My life circumstances have been rough, but they define where I am from, not who I am or where I am going. It was sincere determination that allowed me to achieve beyond the confines of my community, but it is my life experiences and practical knowledge of politics that I believe will create a new mold for low-income students."