Wade Rose

2014 Environmental Pride


Wade Rose is a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground type of guy.

His mission is clear: Leave the planet a little better than he found it. And he has just the kind of background that can make that a reality.

“Because of his previous experiences in the logging industry in the Upper Peninsula and as a seaman on Great Lakes freighters, he brought an added value and acumen to the research with his identification skills and keen eye for details as well as his knowledge of mechanical processes and techniques well beyond most students,” said Orin Gelderloos, professor of biology and environmental studies. “His talents made an important difference in my research.”

For the past year he has served as an unpaid intern with The Greening of Detroit during which time he was a Citizen Forester. His duties were to instruct and supervise 15-20 volunteers on proper tree planting procedures during The Greening’s community plantings. During this time, he facilitated in planting more than 3000 trees and interacted with hundreds of volunteers and receives high praise from the leaders of The Greening of Detroit.

Wade also has made a difference in the lives of school children in the area by serving as a program leader for the Environmental Interpretive Center. His knowledge, passion for the natural processes of the world and interpersonal communication skills with children serve him and the campus well.

His work also might leave a lasting impression on the university. During the planning phase of the Science Building remodeling project, he was invited to attend a landscape committee meeting which is planning the LEED landscape for the building.

As he works toward a greener future—his dream job would be to plant trees all day—he hopes to recruit others for the journey.

“I want to continue working on environmental remediation programs within the city of Detroit, helping to reestablish Detroit as the City of Trees, for which it was once known,” he said. “My work would help to improve the environmental quality of the city of Detroit, resulting in the overall health and wellness of the citizens that inhabit it.”