Yikai Yin

2015 Making an International Impact


When he first arrived in the United States to attend graduate school, Yikai “Kyle” Yin was shy in his new surroundings. Now—with a year’s worth of experience under his belt—he’s working to help his fellow international students become more comfortable at University of Michigan-Dearborn and to teach others about his homeland of China.

“Kyle will no doubt be a scholar of incredible notoriety one day. He is brilliant and will go far in his career,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director for civic engagement. “But Kyle has changed the world in more ways than he realizes. His presence in our program has signaled a strong interest from our American students to understand China, or more simply, international students. What is their idle curiosity is, to Kyle, an opportunity to share his culture, his knowledge and his spirit and to slowly build a better world.”

Kyle joined the Blueprints Leadership Program shortly after he started school. There, he learned to find his voice.

“It was a big challenge for a foreign student such as myself to be part of a big American student group,” Kyle said. “My poor English made me shy to talk with other members at the beginning, but thanks to the direction and support in Blueprints everyone treated me very well. It was like a family atmosphere.”

When looking toward his future, Kyle envisions a career in which he can help others accomplish goals that make them happy and makes a better place for all people to live.

“I will always believe a successful man can benefit himself, but a great man can benefit others,” he said. “My dream career is to devote myself to such a profession that can first give aid to others and then to myself. I will keep working and trying to be the man that can make progressive and positive influence on my home country of China.”