Zachary Tasky

2015 Leading by Example


While his work with different student organizations and extracurricular programs has been remarkable, the classroom is where Zachary Tasky consistently makes a difference.

“My engagement and my passion for learning have paved the way toward building some really strong relationships among my fellow students and instructors alike,” said Zachary. “Those relationships allowed me to emerge as a leader in many class activities and group projects, and fostered my sense of community and connection to the campus.”

Zachary is an active member in the UM-Dearborn campus community, serving as a justice on the Student Judiciary and as vice president of the campus Political Science Association. He has been recognized with a UM-Dearborn 2014 Emerging Leader award for his on-campus leadership, and he was the winner of an Outstanding Delegate award at the 2014 Model League of Arab States Michigan Regional Conference.

And his recognition for being an outstanding individual has not stopped at the edge of campus. He has also been recognized for exemplary service on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives because of his work as a legislative intern.

Zachary is doing all of this as a non-traditional student. He has returned to pursue his undergraduate degree after many years in the workforce because he has realized that he has bigger contributions to make in this world. His ultimate goal is to act as an environmental advocate, to help our society—regionally, nationally and globally—to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems. Zachary has begun to pursue this passion locally, as a volunteer with the Friends of the Rouge, where he has led a team of high school students to monitor the water quality of the Rouge River for the Rouge Education Project. He is currently applying to law schools so that he may apply his passion and his skills to achieve his goals of preventing environmental injustices and catastrophes.

“Zachary Tasky is a student who stands out both in class and in his activities within and beyond the university. He is an excellent student who has excelled in the classroom and been recognized for his hard work,” said Emily Matthews Luxon, assistant professor of political science.

“Leading by example is my credo,” said Zachary. “I simply try very hard to do my absolute best no matter what endeavor I’ve undertaken, and I think that my enthusiasm and 'go get ‘em' attitude inspire others to put their best foot forward, too.”