Zane Hatahet

The Multifaceted Man


Zane Hatahet is a man of many interests.

The recent University of Michigan-Dearborn graduate, who begins law school in May 2012 and has an interest in world languages, someday hopes to complete medical school and become a teacher.

The fact that he has the ability to accomplish these goals earns him the recognition of “Difference Maker.”

“Mr. Hatahet’s interdisciplinary studies highlighted his wide-ranging interests and intelligence,” said Karen Holland, special events coordinator in the Chancellor’s Office. “What sets him apart from most students is the breadth of his academic interests and his success in multiple fields.”

His successes include a near-perfect 3.97 GPA, while taking classes ranging from history and anthropology to science, philosophy and languages. He provides free ACT preparation and writing tutorials for students and has volunteered for the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra since high school.

Ultimately, what helped him pull together his interdisciplinary interests was his involvement in UM-Dearborn’s Honors Program.

“I never anticipated how drastically the Honors Program would shape my academic interests and get me motivated to get involved with my campus community,” he said. “The level of academic challenge in the program strengthened me as a student and, subsequently, helped me to succeed in all of my classes.”

Zane graduated in December 2011 with high distinction and received the Chancellor’s Medallion award in the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters. He begins law school in May 2012 at the UM-Ann Arbor.