Ziad Yousif

Putting His Faith In Others


Ziad Yousif is a young man with strong beliefs as well as a strong work ethic. He was co-founder and president of Life Matters, a pro-life group on campus that promotes life issues for all stages of life, from the unborn to the terminally ill.

“I put the needs of others before mine without ignoring my responsibilities as a student, a participant or a leader in an organization, and a society member.”

Ziad was also the President of a youth program based out of St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Church. This organization teaches young people about the Catholic faith, morality and fellowship. About 200 young people were registered in the program this academic year.

Ziad is very giving of his time, and frequently tutors other students when they need help.

“Because I like to help others, I started to tutor my classmates, which in return introduced me to new friends and made me understand the material better.”

Mr. Yousif was a member of Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society, as well as Treasurer and previous Event Coordinator.

“By participating in groups on and off campus, I had the opportunity to help others in their studies, faith, life and financial needs.”

Ziad majored in Computer and Electrical Engineering with a GPA of 3.95.