Zoreneida Galarza

Setting a Positive Example for Others.


Zoreneida Galarza makes a difference in people’s lives, on and off campus. Since her freshman year, she worked at the University Center information desk as an Ambassador.

She completed the Blueprints leadership program, which helps students refine their leadership skills and, in turn, become agents of positive social change within the local community. Zoreneida was also a part of INROADS, a program that identifies outstanding high school minorities.

“Being the first in my family to graduate from a university is a great accomplishment. It makes me happy that I can be an example for others and my family so they can see it is possible with hard work. All this motivates me to become more involved and continue to be a positive example for others.”

Faith is very important to Zoreneida, as she is active as a youth group leader and Sunday School teacher. She enjoys counseling young people who are in need.

“I have always felt that God blesses us to become successful in different ways, but we have to remember to reach back and help others. This is why I love to help others in any way that I can.”

Zoreneida has also been involved with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and volunteered for its national conventions.