Jenai Muhammad

Taking Pride in School


Jenai Muhammed takes pride in UM-Dearborn and strives to convey what a great place the campus is to others by being involved in its numerous clubs and programs. She's helped incoming freshman make the transition from high school to college by working as a campus orientation leader during the summer, a job she describes as challenging yet extremely rewarding.

“I get to give the incoming students one of their first impressions of what their college experiences will be like, which really helps me convey the many opportunities UM-Dearborn has to offer,” she says.

Jenai also worked with psychology Professor Robert Hymes and fellow students on a research project about various psychology of prejudice theories - research accepted by the mid-western Psychology Association to be presented at its conference.

Jenai hopes to somehow make a impact on the world through medicine or civic engagement activities. “It could be something very small and local or something on a bigger scale, I just want to be seen as someone who worked hard to have an influence on my community."

She credits Tasha Williams of the student activities office for being a great influence on her academic life. “Over the past school year she has been a real mentor to me and has set an example of what it means to work hard in every aspect of life,” she says. “I aspire to be as strong, dedicated, and hard-working as she is.”


"If I could spend time with current high school students, I would convey to them that there are so many things offered at UM-Dearborn. We constantly get the stigma that because we are a commuter campus that there is nothing to do here but go to class. I would tell the students there are so many ways to get involved and that there is something here for them no matter what their interests. I would convey that they have a real opportunity to make an impact on their community by attending UM-Dearborn."